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alchemy (you are unbecoming)

you are unbecoming you are unbecoming all that you know all that you have ever been you are delicately unravelling each layer of your being dismantling each tale you were told each myth that landed and lived in your body for all of these years you are cliff–diving over each of your edges  into the depths of your doubt paddling against the current of unworthy that has crashed against you for far too long you are a tornado of truth, some days tearing up the false foundations of your past blasting hearts wide open making way for yours some weeks you are the moon: still and steady, patient and glowing - a reminder that with peace we move oceans sometimes just sometimes you are swallowed by fear enveloped, pinned down and trapped by the weight of the work left undone you breathe in, you breathe out and you crawl onward: resilience runs wild through your veins you are old friends with your shadows you welcome them warmly with ease and a knowing smile a humble nod they take the reigns sometimes but always you wrestle them back with grace you drink whiskey with the demons that hide so well in the darkest corners of your mind breathing in their stories leaning in to their wisdom. know your enemy, they say but you know there are no foes in this life only mirrors and mirrors must be loved you are the sun unapologetic for your light though it has taken a lifetime for you to shine without sorry you are tidal like the waves you rise and you fall with the seasons of your body feeling in, feeling through: intuition is your god gurus were never for you you love my goodness you love  even with scars across your heart you love with every cell in your body every fraction of your soul you are learning that some love, true love is worth the war the rest is to be set free: you know oh so well that a heart cannot be rushed and you carry the wounds to remind you you stay open, anyway - reminding us that nothing truly grows beneath the shade of our walls your fire burns brighter by the day flames licking passion reigniting sparks dancing at your command, this time there will be ashes, no doubt  but now you laugh at what was too excited for what is – 

you know

the phoenix is rising

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