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store policy

customer care

creating space to feel is my intention in all that i do and offer


this includes acknowledging and hearing you if you feel unsettled or unhappy with any aspect of my offerings. though the subjective nature of my art means that i cannot and will not please everyone with my creations - i do aspire to ensure that your investment is honoured and commit to working with you to find a solution at times where one is required


refunds are welcomed, though i encourage you to shop mindfully and ask questions if in doubt - as many as you wish!

your experience at and with myself are my utmost priority x

privacy & safety

your privacy will always be the priority as you purchase from and contact

you will only be added to a subscription list if you give consent in the form of a checkbox at the checkout section of this website - or should you subscribe to regular communication via the mailing list option in the footer of this website

all payment is processed via a third party: stripe and paypal - no banking, personal or private financial details are held, stored or dealt with outside of these two providers

no personal data, information or contact details will be shared at any time x

wholesale enquiries

wholesale questions, queries and enquiries are welcomed with open arms!

please contact me on to arrange an option that best suits yourself and your wonderful business

at this moment in time, i kindly ask that wholesale enquiries are mindful of a minimum of 10 items per wholesale order - thank you x

Payment Methods
payment methods

- credit/debit card payments via stripe

- paypal

for now, no offline or in person sales will be made via x

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